Hands On Experience

Sydney works hard at Lien Animal Clinic

Sydney does not always love mornings

Sydney does not always love mornings

It is 6:50 in the morning and Sydney gets her fleece on. It's going to be another long day at work for her. She's preparing for a day of ultrasound training, teaching restraints, nail trims, and getting far too many treats.

She comes to Lien Animal Clinic most days with Ayla, one of our Licensed Veterinary Technicians.  Sydney calmly allows us to train and learn new skills as long as we promise to reward her--she also likes her mom to be present when training is in process.

While in school, Ayla used to practice restraints with Sydney (such as holding a dog safely for toenail trims and blood draws, gently laying a dog on their side or back for X-Rays, etc.) so she's become rather use to it.  Since she is accustomed to these procedures, our team has the opportunity to gain hands on knowledge before working with your pet(s).  Even our own Dr. Majeski had Sydney as her patient during her final exam in becoming certified in Ultrasound!  


At the end of the day Sydney leaves with a full tummy and lots of love from the staff.

To see Sydney demonstrating toe nail trims visit:

Or to see her showing how a pet is restrained for ultrasound visit:



Thank you Sydney for giving us the opportunity to gain hands on skills!

Ayla Wannamaker, Licensed Veterinary Technician