West Seattle

Hate Parking


Parking In West Seattle

It's 12:02 pm and one of our technicians suddenly proclaims, "I have to go now!"  It's an emergency many of us understand far too well.  No, there isn't a hurt animal being rushed into the clinic and there are no physical afflictions, but the technician is facing a hefty fine. She's in 2 hour parking!  It's 4:36 pm and a receptionist realizes she's 1 minute behind schedule.  If she doesn't catch her bus, she'll be at the clinic for another 30 minutes.  She loves her job but after a 10 hour shift, she's ready to go home. 

Gone are the days of easy parking.  According to the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce, 1/5th of Seattle's population now resides in West Seattle!  As our population increases exponentially, property values soar causing both positive and negative effects.  One problem, we can't afford more land for parking--we've tried.

Lien is surrounded by apartments and businesses with lots of people vying for valuable parking spots.  Like you, we risk our lives trying to cross the street, we try to squeeze in tight spaces, and we hope to win the game of 2 hour parking madness.  Some of us even take public transportation or walk to ease the congestion!

Please know we sympathize.  Please know we've yet to meet a client who intentionally parks badly.  They aren't trying to inconvenience others, they're just learning how to navigate a world where parking spots are getting smaller and smaller.  And sometimes, a client will have an emergency so devastating they don't think clearly about whether they're parking between the lines. 

In other words, do we hate the parking? YES!

Jordan Bair, Customer Services Representative, Marketing Assistant