Client Services

Client Service Representatives are more than receptionists


I don’t think there is a word that accurately describes what it is we do.  When I tell someone who doesn’t already understand my job that I’m a Receptionist, they get the wrong idea.  Likewise, if I describe myself as a Client Service Representative – does anyone really know what that means?  What I would like to say is this:  we are the Kind Smiles and the Warm Hearts.  We are Listeners.  We are Communicators.  We are Teachers.  We are Advocates.  We are the Hug on the Hardest Day.  (Did you know we cry with you?)  We are also the Joy and Laughter when the newest fur-baby enters your life. 

Our day starts early, at 7:00AM.  Collecting lab-work, setting up exam rooms, checking email and voicemails.  Put out the newspaper, the rugs, and the coffee, get scale turned on.  The clinic is ready.  The lights can wait a bit longer.  The doors are still locked and the phones don’t ring – there’s work to do, but it’s almost peaceful…  That doesn’t last long.  Within a half hour, the quiet is a thing of the past.  The lights are on and the phone will be our companion for the next 13 hours.  Our first patients begin to arrive.   

We work hard to ensure every pet gets the care that they need, and every client gets the service they deserve.  For us, that means a non-stop day of ringing phones and door chimes, emails and appointment requests, paperwork and schedule juggling, staff and client messages, record keeping and cash handling – and, in the midst of it all, “puppy cleanups on aisle 2.”  Sometimes it means triaging the hit-by-car that just rushed in the door.  Sometimes it means bottle-feeding shelter kittens (life is tough).  Sometimes it means staying hours after closing for the emergency surgery.  Those of you who frequent our practice know, it never quits.  We are busy and dedicated bunch.

That doesn’t mean we won’t find the time to chat.  To have a laugh with you.  To commiserate about the weather.  To trade stories about our pets – or about anything.  Or to give you a shoulder when the news wasn’t good.  This is our favorite part of the job, because you’re a part of our family. 

We love what we do.  The bond between human and animal is one of the most precious things in the world.  So many of us are touched by this magic, we have only to look to it to find the hope for our own humanity.  That’s why Lien is such a special place.  Our mission, first and foremost, to foster and celebrate that bond.  To help you and your pet to the very best of our ability.  At the Front Desk, we are grateful to be an integral member of that team.

Kristen Dumont, BS, Client Services Lead