Three Generations

Three generations: Dr. Kraabel, Dr. King and Dr. Lien pose for the camera.

Dr. William Lien established Lien Animal Clinic as one of the first veterinary hospitals in West Seattle in 1951. The clinic has occupied its current site on Alaska Street since that time. Dr. Larry King joined the staff with Dr. Lien in 1968, upon graduating from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University. Dr. King subsequently owned the practice for 18 years, from 1980 until 1999.

In 1994, Dr. King oversaw a major remodel of the clinic. In 1999, Dr. King turned over ownership of the practice to the Kraabels, but he continued to work part-time until his retirement in January of 2008. Since his official retirement, Dr. King has continued to work occasionally as a relief doctor at the clinic, filling in when other doctors are ill or on vacation.

Dr. Timothy Kraabel and Dr. Elizabeth Fritzler purchased the clinic in 1999.  Ever since purchasing the clinic, the Kraabels dreamed of replacing the existing hospital. For several years they searched for a suitable site in West Seattle for a new clinic that was convenient, affordable, and appropriately zoned to allow an animal hospital. When no such site could be found, they decided to make the best use of their current site. Jeff Clark and his team from Architectural Werks was selected as the architect for a new building to be constructed on the back parking lot. Corstone Contractors broke ground in February of 2009 and the beautiful new hospital and parking lot were completed in August 2009. 


The clinic cats

Lien Animal Clinic has always had resident clinic cats which live, work, and play in the clinic. During the day the clinic cats have free run of the hospital. It takes a special cat to live in a veterinary hospital. He or she must be friendly and enjoy the company of many other animals. In addition to being our pets, the clinic cats periodically donate blood for some of our most critically ill patients. Each of our clinic cats has helped save the lives of other felines.

Beverly and Peggy have become so popular, they started their own YouTube channel!



The building


In the Summer of 2009 we moved into our new building. It is roughly twice the size of the old building, at approximately 4,000 square feet. There are now 5 exam rooms, kitty condos in a quiet and comfortable boarding area, and a real parking lot out front (with another parking lot across the street)!  In addition, the treatment and surgery areas have been drastically expanded.