Thinking about getting a new pet?

Here are some questions to consider before bringing a new pet home:


What activities do you enjoy?


Do you participate in outdoor activities such as camping or hiking? Or do you prefer quiet pastimes at home? You and your family should discuss what you want to be able to do with your pet and choose one that can enjoy the same types of activities.

How much room do you have?

Generally, large active dogs require more space and daily exercise than smaller dogs, cats, birds or small mammals. Smaller pets might be able to get enough exercise within the confines of a house or apartment. Most dogs, however, need either a fenced yard or daily walks to get enough exercise.


How much time do you have to spend with your pet?

While all pets need daily care and attention, some require more than others. Young puppies and kittens require additional time for housebreaking and training. If you work long hours you will need a pet that can spend lots of time alone. If you travel frequently you need to consider who will care for your pet during your absences.

How much will your pet cost?

The purchase price of a pet varies greatly yet the initial cost is usually small compared to the costs of caring for a pet through out its life. You should consider how much it will cost for basic necessities such as food, housing, grooming, and veterinary care. Research the breeds you are interested in to learn more about common health problems and their expenses. Pet health insurance is becoming a popular option and we recommend investing in this insurance for all new dogs and cats.

Does your pet require a special vet?

Not all veterinarians see exotic pets (snakes, fish, etc.) and “pocket” pets (rabbits, hamsters, etc.). Make sure you find a vet near you who will work with your new pet.