Pictures Of Mac: Seeing the Whole Pet

Some of the pictures we've received of Mac (his dog brother, Benny is on the bottom right with him)

Some of the pictures we've received of Mac (his dog brother, Benny is on the bottom right with him)

We are fortunate to receive picture updates from our clients from time to time.  There are pictures of pets going cross country, lots of pictures that only a medical team would look at without losing lunch, and then we get amazing pictures of recovery.  That is the case with Mac.  

Mac is a 9 year old golden retriever who has a very rare form of cancer called periarticular histiocytic sarcoma (HS).  Originating in the dendritic cells or macrophages, these diseases are frustrating because of the diverse clinical presentation, behavior, and response to therapy.  This disease can affect many organ systems such as skin, eyes, central nervous system, bone, liver, spleen, and mucus membranes and is known to have a high metastatic potential. 

On November 15th, Dr. Coleman removed Mac’s right front leg.  Histiocytic sarcoma can start as a solitary mass although this is less common. The recommended treatment is surgical removal; however metastasis or spread can occur.  In Mac’s case, chemotherapy is also part of his treatment plan.

We receive updates from Mac’s oncologist and open them with abated breath.  How is he doing with chemo?  Is his prognosis looking good?  As medical professionals, we want to be able to heal pets like Mac, but the pictures his mom sends give us the opportunity to take a deeper journey with him (and his family).  The oncology reports tell us how his body is doing; the pictures show us how his soul is.  In cases as complicated as Mac’s, this is especially important.  Every day with him is a blessing and we are so grateful that we get to see Mac as more than a strong dog who overcame a complex surgery or a brave pup that goes to chemotherapy. 

If you ever wonder if we want to see your pet’s progress, the answer is yes.  We want to follow the challenges and triumphs of your pet’s journey.  Like Mac, we will work alongside you to determine the best treatment plan, but we will never turn down the opportunity to see your pet being their wonderful selves outside of the clinic!

Mac, you are in our thoughts!

Jordan Bair

Client Services Representative; Marketing Assistant

Dr. Chris Coleman, DVM

(and the rest of your Lien Animal Family)