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Your furry companion means the world to you.

We understand. They mean the world to us too.

This is why we strive to provide them with the comfort and medical care they need while providing you with best-in-class customer care and support.


Lien Animal Clinic has been serving the West Seattle community since 1951. We operate with a friendly, competent, and highly trained team who share a passion for the human animal bond.


We offer an array of medications, foods, and over the counter products in clinic and our online store. 

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We are home to nine veterinarians and over 30 support staff members. We're here to provide your companion animal the best care possible.

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Information About the Doney Coe Pet Clinic:
When vets, medicines, and food is scarce, Doney Coe is here to help.

Since 1986 the clinic has helped make life better for the people and the animals they love and depend on for companionship.

When an animal is critically injured or ill, the clinic has veterinary partners that provide emergency and critical care that is funded by donations made to the clinic by generous individuals.

Thousands of pets have been able to get treatment for common conditions, be vaccinated against preventable diseases, and be provided with flea prevention and basic grooming services at Doney Coe Pet Clinic.

Fifty to seventy-five pets are treated at each clinic every month with many more accessing the Food and Supplies Bank.